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You are invited to a book signing

November 11, 2017

bookClinton County Schools – December 3 Read more…


Treasure found at Paine-Gillam-Scott Museum

September 28, 2017

Volunteers found a treasure on the front porch
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Mint Festival Quilt Show

August 6, 2017

quiltthAugust 11-13, 2017
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Paine-Gillam-Scott Museum Complex Open For Mint Festival

August 3, 2017

batmansohnthPaine-Gillam-Scott Museum offers a photo opportunity to the guests visiting the museum.
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Visit the Museum’s new carriage

July 6, 2017

carriagethVolunteers at the museum have refurbished an Amish carriage for display.
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Independence Day weekend closing

June 29, 2017

The museum will be closed on Sunday, July 2. We will be open again on Wednesday, July 5. Read more…

Museum Transportation and Fashion Exhibit

June 15, 2017

An early canoe is displayed on the lawn of the Paine-Gillam-Scott House. Read more…