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Doctors, Druggists and Dentists at the Museum

June 25, 2020

wigginsthWho were our early health care providers? Where was the first hospital in Clinton County?

The first brick and mortar building used for a hospital was located at 108 Spring Street in St. Johns. Built in 1881 as a personal residence for Dr. Andrew J. Wiggins, it was eventually used for his Wiggins Sanitarium where he treated people for kidney, bladder and nervous diseases. In 1911 it became the Hart Clinic, also known as St. Johns Hospital, owned and operated by Drs. Arthur O. and Eugene Hart.


At a much earlier date Dr. Oliver C. Joslen cared for patients in his home, known as the Joslen Infirmary located on the corner of Ottawa and State Streets.

The decision to showcase the medical professions was made last year, but in light of our current pandemic situation, it seems like a very timely subject. If you have photos related to this exhibit that might enhance our display please share them with us. Although our exhibits naturally focus on the past, we sincerely salute those in the medical field who are on the front lines of the current pandemic.

The Clinton County Historical Museum at 106 S. Maple, St. Johns, is currently closed until further notice due to Covid. Please contact or call 989.224.2874 if you have any material related to this exhibit and/or are interested in helping out.

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