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Paine-Gillam-Scott Museum opening May 18

May 12, 2016

farmthDo your roots go back to the farm?

It goes without saying that Clinton County is a farming community and many, if not most of us, either grew up on a farm or our parents or grandparents did. A hundred years ago a farmer could support his family on the food and small income derived from a forty or eighty acre farm. Farming has changed unbelievably since those days, and looking back at life on a Clinton County farm when horses were used to till the soil and huge steam traction engines threshed the grain is a fascinating experience.


Take a journey back in time with us at Paine-Gillam-Scott Museum as we present “Down on the Farm” as our featured exhibit for 2016.

The Paine-Gillam-Scott House, Swegles General Store and the Carriage House are located at 106 Maple St., St. Johns, MI 48879.

Our hours are Wednesdays 2 – 6:30 p.m., and Sundays, 1 – 4 p.m. Open from May 18 through mid-December.

For information on group tours, please call 989-292-9096 or 989-224-2894. You may also contact the museum via email at

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