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Volunteer Corner

April 17, 2014

colleenmthCountless guests of the Clinton County Historical Society Museum have been greeted by the brilliant smile of Colleen Sutherland.

She is the most dedicated of volunteers at the Museum, having given of herself for 35 years.

It all began in 1979, when then-Director Catherine Rumbaugh asked frequent visitor Colleen to assist with decorating the holiday tree for a Victorian Christmas Celebration. And Colleen has never left!

colleenOver the years she has continued to contribute not only her decorating skills, but has cheerfully helped with mailings, special events, office work, acting tour guide, and is in charge of keeping the museum sparkling clean for all to enjoy.

Colleen likes history and seeing the PGS exhibits come together. She is especially fond of those related to Presidents. She is also a long-time fan of Little House on the Prairie, so when PGS opened its General Store, Colleen was thrilled to lend a hand to the effort. She also enjoys being with people. That includes the other volunteers at the museum as well as guests of all ages.

Born in Cadillac Michigan, Colleen moved to St. Johns with her family in 1966. She is a 1972 graduate of St. Johns High School. After attending L.C.C. with an interest in Communications, Colleen began working at Sparrow Health Systems/St. Lawrence Campus. She has worked for 41 years in Environmental Services, and is an Environmental Tech One.

Colleen’s other interests lie in her church. She has been an active member of St. Joseph Catholic Church in St. Johns since 1966, and is a volunteer Minister of Holy Communion. Always cheerful, funny, and willing to help, Colleen is much loved by her PGS Museum family.

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