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Celebrating Clinton County Clubs and Organizations

March 14, 2013

museum1thImportant elements of a community’s culture

Clubs and organizations are one of the most important elements of a community’s culture. Created to achieve the goals of the particular club while benefiting the community at large, they are overwhelmingly positive in nature.

Many of us can relate to the positive influences in our lives due to our involvement with such organizations as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H and others in our youth. In our adult years there are such grand organizations as the Lions Club, VFW, Knights of Columbus, Rotary, and many others. Combined, all of these groups have made enormous contributions to their communities and beyond.

Reaching the goals of each organization often demands much hard work, but the camaraderie experienced by their members is immeasurable.


What organizations were active in Clinton County over the last 150 years? Was your ancestor involved? Come to Paine-Gillam-Scott Museum in 2013 to view our “Celebrating Clinton County Clubs and Organizations” exhibit, and if you have photos or other items that would fit this theme, please come forward now and help us make 2013 a great year at the Museum!

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